Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Concrete Information

Once again I was gone all day and didn't get to the job site until 4 or so. The concrete guys had poured the basement floor through a hole cut into the sub floor right inside the front door. From what I understand (and this could very well be completely incorrect), the concrete comes via a big tube, similar to how they poured the walls. The workers move it by wheelbarrow to the farthest parts of the room and start smoothing it in, backing toward the stairs. Our basement is fairly large, and I know moving all that concrete was a tremendous amount of work. 

Trowels. My son thinks they look like snowshoes, which could be how they get across the wet concrete.

Obviously I can't get into the basement to take great pics, so these are all from the stairs. This is a shot of the front part of the basement. the jog in the wall is where the front porch comes out. You can just see the electrical box and sump pump in the corner.

This is facing the back of the house. I was kind of concerned about having 2 rows of support poles to work around, but now that I can see them I don't think it'll be a big deal. If you look under the window you can see one of the electrical outlets. We had them placed 2 feet up in case of water. If we ever have more feet of water down there ruined electrical will be the least of my concerns.

In addition to pouring the basement they were cutting score lines into the garage. They hadn't done it when we got there, so this shows the cut lines. I asked why they did that, and he explained that all concrete cracks. They score it in hopes that those are where cracks will occur and the rest of the slab will be okay.

Once again the contractors were there late- at least 7 pm, but I think it was later by the time they actually left. they're coming back tomorrow to score the basement.

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