Thursday, 5 April 2012

Baby sheep skin rugs

My first blog post from my iMac beauty... I am still trying to figure out how things work by the way... but I'm getting there :)

But more to the point, I am after a baby sheep skin rug (or two) like the ones below, a real one... but not overly expensive... Any recommendations on places to get these from?

As we've got timber flooring in all the bedrooms, and with winter fast approaching, I would like something to keep by the bed...

Hope everyone is having a lovely extra long weekend :)

We've been decluttering all day ...  It's very satisfying... :)

Oh, and the kitchen splashback was installed this morning. However, against out Vivid White cabinetry it has a tinge of green even though we paid extra for the special glass (star fire I think it's called) so it could be pure white. What's up with that Stegbar? :S

All images are from pinterest.


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