Tuesday, 24 April 2012

These Faces…

Gracie and Cooper Feb 22 022-2Gracie and Cooper Feb 22 033-EGracie and Cooper Feb 22 034-eIMG_4675-1IMG_4678-s3 IMG_4714-s3 Gracie and Cooper Feb 22 006-E

They melt me.

I have always been so thankful to have the company of Gracie and Cooper.  When I was in school and worked outside my home, my poor pups spent way more time locked up and alone than they should have, but now I’m determined to make it up to them.  We have regular little love fests all throughout each day, and at night we all pile into bed for even more cuddles.  Cooper’s skin turns pink at night, and he likes to randomly fall over onto his back (we call it the “timber!”), and Gracie likes to lay in a ball as close to our faces as possible, where she will then snore loudly. 

Luckily, I have a husband who is just as in love with these two as I am, and oh the things they get away with!  They’re rotten through and through, but for all the extra vacuuming and washing and repairing and exclaiming things like “why the !#*% is there a poop smear on the couch?!” I feel like I’m given SO much more back in return.

I guess I just want their little lives to be the best thing ever.  I know they won’t be with us forever, but while they’re here, I’m gonna love the hell out of ‘em.  I know you other dog lovers understand (and maybe you cat people too, though I’m not entirely certain…)  ;P

Give your furry friends extra kisses tonight!

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