Tuesday, 3 April 2012

We're Roofing in the Rain!

(You realize you need to sing the post title, right?)

It was bound to happen. April did indeed bring showers today, in the form of a few nasty thunderstorms. I had to leave fairly early this morning so I didn't get to the job site until late afternoon. My husband said the crew was there early, then he thought they left during storm #1 (mid-morning), but they were back after it stopped raining. Unfortunately the weather didn't hold and it rained again. But they still got a LOT done today.

This is what I saw driving up to the site:

Impressive, no?

Having said that, in addition to the rain delay there's a holdup with the framing. See the stack of wood on the right side of the roof? Those are the pointy things that go on top of the flat parts. Unfortunately the lumber company sent the wrong size- they're about a foot too short. Of course this was discovered after they hauled them all up there. It never would have occurred to me to measure them. Apparently I'm not alone.  

Some of the doors came today. These are the French doors that replaced the slider in the family room. Love them! You can't see, but behind those are the front door/sidelights and the entry door from the garage. We opted for a plain door into the mudroom so I can paint the back w/ chalkboard paint. That will be a great place to keep our schedules and any last minute notes.

Below are a few of the modifications I made to the plan. This is taken from the garage looking toward the front porch. We wanted door access to the garage, but would have had to add another 3 feet to put it on the opposite side. The garage had already grown and we didn't want to make it any longer.

This was taken standing in the laundry/mudroom looking toward the master bath. In between you can see the half-bath we added. We moved the master closet in order to have this extra space. It'll be nice to have a spot for the boys to wash up in without tramping across the whole house.

In other news, I've been trying to finalize the appliances and the lights. I didn't care for the lighting packages offered, so slowly but surely I've been picking up fixtures. I'm still undecided on what to do over the island, but have some time before the walk through with the electrician.

Oh- a note on appliances. Make sure you know which ones you're using and if there are any special requirements. The oven we're getting requires the outlet to be in an unusual spot. If it's in the normal location the oven would stick out about 6 inches. Good thing I knew this going in, or it would have been a costly fix!

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