Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Moving right along...

Beautiful weather- let's hope it stays this way! Today the drywall and stone crews were hard at work. I stopped by around 11 then at 3. The stone guys were there after 5, and the drywall crew didn't leave until after 7! I haven't been back tonight, but the drywall should all be up. That's quite a process. Each board is glued then screwed in place. It's not going anywhere.

This was the view at 11 (sorry about the dust spots!), the the same view at 3, with the addition of one cute kid.

Looking at the kitchen- angled walls form the pantry.

Putting it all together...


This afternoon B staked out the location for the well as the digger is coming out in the morning. Here's hoping he doesn't have to go too terribly deep to hit good water! We're putting the well semi close to the house around back so I can camouflage it in a flower bed. Well, when I get around to landscaping. Someday.

The electric company is also coming in the morning. Well, not the whole company, nor the cast of the TV show (but that would be awesome!), but the guy who figures out where to trench the line. He'd been out before, but it was the first week we broke ground. That was a tad premature. Didn't have a lot of faith in the EC at that point. Anyway, the permanent electric should be in soon.

That leaves septic, which should be early May, and propane, which should also be in early May. If you're building in the country, make sure you think about all of these "extra" things!! The cost really adds up quickly!

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