Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Canon has style.


How incredibly cute is this camera strap?!  Sort of makes me happy just looking at it.  I’m the proud new owner of a Gussy Sews “eclectic whatnot,” and I just wanted to spread the love. Gussy is a really inspiring small business owner with a great blog and lots and lots of cute handmade goodness in her shop, so check it out if you’re interested! 

I’ve been falling more and more in love with this photography thing, and I know it because all the “work” part of it doesn’t feel like work.  I’m learning Lightroom and CS5 right now, and it. is. so. fun. 

Of course, cute lil’ camera straps don’t hurt either (they’re 10% off til May 4th with the coupon code STORYOFMYLIFE).  I really adore this yellow one too…  

Have a great evening!

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