Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday Features

Friday is upon us, folks, and I’m looking forward to a weekend of quality time with my husband and my grandparents  in town from Oregon! Tonight I’m making them dinner (chicken milanese with brown rice, a caesar salad, and chocolate dream pie, since you asked), and this morning I’ll be busy getting my house in tip top shape for the event.  Not that it’s ever NOT in tip top shape. It’ll just be more so today. Yeah.

Friday also means another round of awesome sponsors to introduce, so check these ladies out!

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First up is a blog called Roots, Wings, and Other Things by the incredibly cute and funny Miss Daryl, an ex-pat currently living in Frankfurt, Germany!  Her photos are gorgeous, her stories are engaging, her style is impeccable, her personality is fun and bubbly… what is there not to love?!  Get to know her and her husband a bit more here, and prepare to swoon.

DarylBlog | Facebook | Twitter

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Next up we have Charlotte of the appropriately named Charlotte’s Web, a UK lifestyle blog that includes lots of fun stories and musings from the life and mind of one English girl.  I especially enjoy her relationshipping posts and her 100 Things I Love About England series.  Always fun to get a taste of life in another country!  Stop in and say hello. 

charlotte  Blog | Twitter

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Third on the agenda today is a really stunning jewelry shop called Charity Pool Design. Charity handmakes all her pieces and accepts custom orders as well!  When you spend a lot of time on the Internet (like I do!), jewelry starts to all look the same after a while, but not so with this boutique, my friends.  Everything is unique and makes a statement.  Learn more about the jewelry here, or follow Charity and her blog here.


Shop | Facebook | Blog

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Happy Friday!

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