Monday, 9 April 2012

Buffets ... and liking something that "isn't your style"

Have you ever liked something that wasn't your style? :S Is such a thing possible? I really like the arrangements (and the buffets) below but realise that they wouldn't really suit our home or style of decorating... I think the main things I like are the photo arrangement in the top photo, the symmetry of the lamps, and also the minor mirror element of the buffet.

What sort of a buffet would you recommend for our home? Something contemporary, but not too predictable/boring but at the same time not something that will date... I am mainly about investment pieces  that I would keep for a very very long time...

The main reason why I never considered a buffet until now, is because... I don't think we can fit it anywhere :( ... It sounds strange, I know, as our house is relatively big, but because of the open plan we just don't have enough wall space :(

I am thinking if we were to have one I'd put it along the wall in between the meals and dining room windows. But this is where our has heater connection point is, as we plan on getting one in the near future... 

What do you think?

PS. I wish I had this blog during our floor planning stage as I am sure you would have picked up these sorts of things ... :)


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