Wednesday, 23 May 2012

10 Weeks

After 10 weeks, for all practical purposes, the house is done. Now, there are still some things that need to be taken care of, but the house is inhabitable. Over the past few days the septic system was completed. While I do have pictures of the process they're not very exciting. Versus these, which are very exciting in showing the giant dirt patch that is our front yard. This is the view of the leach field from the front porch. It's 150 feet long by 50 feet wide. The septic tank is buried behind that in the back yard.

The view from the road. Seriously- the leach field is huge. And the yard looks entirely too big. Thank goodness the boys are getting old enough to mow!

The bathrooms have been put together. I do, however, have to buy more light bulbs.

The closet guys finally came. This is the coat closet.

Inside the master bedroom closet. There are double shelves running along the long wall, with a single high shelf along both of the short walls.

This is the master bathroom linen closet. The one in the boys' hallway is also set up like this.

And the best shelving of all- the pantry. LOVE the pantry!

The water softener was installed today.

Like I said- ready. But not really. Over the weekend we went through the house with post-it notes to mark anything that needed to be corrected/fixed. We knew there was going to be touch-up work with the paint, so most of them are paint issues. However, (there's always a however) there is one kind of major issue.

Last Friday Kasey called to update us on what was going on. He told us he wasn't happy with the ceiling- if you really look at it you can see the seams in the drywall. The mud absorbed the water in the plaster faster than the drywall sheets so it's uneven. I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. He discussed a few options to fix it and told us to check it out over the weekend as we were post-it-ing (Remember- my blog, my words.).

After really looking at the ceiling I could see what he was talking about. It's not obvious, but once I saw it it was all I noticed. In the smaller rooms you can't see it, but the lines are apparent with the longer stretches in the entry and kitchen/family room. There are a few things they're going to try, but it it comes down to it they'll scrape off all the plaster and start over. I'll keep you posted.

To end on a high note, here are some additional shots.

I did manage to get enough light bulbs for the outside lights. Also- the dirt was
backfilled at the front of the house. This was done before the open house, but I forgot to show you.

The post it note on the floor is where the outlet will be.

The kids have been having a ball. I've cut off the scooters, so they made 'carpet angels.'

I seem to have a lot of 'action' shots like this one. Kids.

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