Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fredericksburg, Day 1

I’m still dreaming about last week in Fredericksburg. Such a sweet little place, and I hope those of you nearby will make a trip there!  For us, it’s a pleasant hour and a half drive over rolling Texas hill country, past farmland and, as you approach town, past plenty of wineries and wildflower fields and stands with just-picked peaches every mile, it seems. Then you get to Fredericksburg itself, and there are restaurants and coffee shops galore, the quaintest little stores you’ll ever see, and of course the cutest bed and breakfasts. (we always book through this site.)  Just a nice place to escape and unwind.
For anyone interested, I wanted to share some of the places we went while we were there…
First stop once in town was Fredericksburg Fudge and Sundries for some strong, Costa Rican coffee and the creamiest milk chocolate pecan fudge. YUM. We were sleepy, and this place was the perfect pick-me-up.
* * * * *
Next we walked around a bit and had lunch at Auslander, a traditional German restaurant. Gotta have German food at least once while you’re in Fredericksburg! I tried the Rouladen, which is a dish my mom used to make when my family lived in Germany. It was really just how I remembered it tasting when I was little… mmmm. :)
* * * * *
And around town…
IMG_6987-1 IMG_7126-1storyboardtest006 IMG_7139-2-2
* * * * *
For dinner we headed a few minutes out of downtown to Cabernet Grill, which was so incredibly delicious. We sat outside on the patio by a little pond complete with a waterfall and lots of Coy fish, and it was just perfection. We shared a salad, I had the trout, Matthew had pork tenderloin, and we shared hazelnut creme brulee…
IMG_7155-1IMG_7186-1 IMG_7195-1 IMG_7197-1
Truth be told, though, we got some pretty crappy (too personal to blog about) news while on this trip, which put a major kink in our little fairytale vacation, but such is life, I suppose. You have to learn to enjoy those special moments you’re given, even when life seems to be ploughing on by and leaving destruction in its wake.  When will life ever be going exactly as you planned? The common theme so far is… never.
Check out my post on last year’s Fredericksburg trip, if you’re interested, and stay tuned for one more fun post tomorrow! Happy Hump Day. :)

PS – If you missed it, I posted photos here of the bed and breakfast where we stayed last week!

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