Friday, 11 May 2012

Seeing Green

Well, the closet guy didn't show, but the electricians did. I under bought light bulbs and over bought the under cabinet lights, but everything got installed. Just so you don't make the same mistake I did, these are Xenon, which our electrician recommended. I had such a hard time finding lights that could be hardwired, not plugged in. These particular lights, found at Lowe's, could go either way, which is a good thing as I have one little sections between the fridge & pantry I thought wouldn't need light. If I change my mind I'll just buy one to plug in. All of the packaging is at the house so I'm not sure of the brand, but I'll add a link soon.

These are very low profile, so they can't be seen.
We added an outlet to the end of the island, which will make it a lot more functional. I need to do something about that bright white cover, though. Please excuse the mess on the island. Those are my lighting leftovers. You can also see the underlayment all over the floor. Maybe this means flooring is next?

At some point the plumbers were in, because the kitchen faucet was installed. I lucked into this ORB model on clearance at Menards for around $50. I'm keeping an eye out for bathroom faucets so I can eventually replace those with ORB also.
And now, the moment I'm sure you've all been waiting for...the green laundry room!

The view from inside the powder room.

The view standing at the garage door.

Just in case you're wondering, that is indeed a chandelier. I'm hoping a chandelier will add a touch of glamour to doing laundry.

A note about the painting: It was a complete pain. 9 foot ceilings are a great idea until you need to paint those tall walls. And, in true procrastinator fashion, I didn't start until the boys went to bed (they wanted to "help") which was around 9. It took long enough that I had no desire to touch the closets. B will be happy about that.

Honestly, the whole process wasn't that bad, but made me glad I had our painters tackle the rest of the house. I had shoulder surgery a year ago and it never occurred to me that all that rolling and brushing might not be the best idea. This morning I could barely move my arm. As a result I'll find someone to paint the boys' bathroom. The good news is that I really like the green. Since the room doesn't have a window I wanted something bright and cheery. Check and check.

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