Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I'm alive!

Remember how I mentioned my sons were sick? Well, they were kind enough to pass their illnesses on to me. I had a lovely cold from M, which made the strep from J that much more miserable. Coughing and sneezing with strep? Not fun. I was out of commission for the better part of last week. As a sign of how awful I felt, I didn't go to the site until Thursday. Thursday! I have a rough idea of when things happened, but I'm mostly going off of photos B took for me.

I picked up a dehumidifier at Menards and B hooked it up. Since our basement is pretty large I got a 65 pint. I had done some research online, and the brand Menards carries got decent reviews, so that was that. Could I have gotten a cheaper one? Probably. But I didn't want to wait, and I like buying from a physical store so if there are issues I'm dealing with people face to face. So far the dehumidifier is working well. At first we didn't have a hose for it, so B would go down 3-4 times a day to empty it. As you can imagine, that got old so he hooked up a garden hose that runs directly into the sump pump. We have it running continuously, and the humidity it down to 80% or so. After it comes down enough we can set the desired humidity and it'll kick in whenever needed.  

The tape & mudd crew came in to finish up. It was a very messy process, but they did clean everything up in the end. As you can see, the boys are enjoying all the free space to scooter around.

The trencher came to install the electric lines. It looks like we had a severe mole problem, but I'm glad it got done so quickly. When I met with the engineer I made it clear how unhappy I was with our experience, and he's making good on his promise to speed things up. So much so that within a few days the electric company guy was out to hook up the permanent electric. The only downside was that the initial engineer had me buy a $35 connector, because he said they couldn't hook in without it. Since we didn't know when they were coming I left it for him by the meter. In the dirt. In keeping with my experience with the electric company, guess who now has a $35 door stop?   

You can see the connected electric meter, sans connector. The white pipe sticking out is from the sump pump. The big puddle of water tells me it's working. And that we need to do something about that.

The ceilings are done with a knockdown texture. It's hard to see, but really does look nice.

I have no idea when this was done, but the basement in insulated.

Scootering down to the site.

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