Monday, 7 May 2012

At the market

On Saturday, Mother Dearest and I headed out to visit the Farmer’s Market at the Triangle downtown, which we hadn’t been by just yet. I’d heard good things, and boy was I not disappointed.  After all those lessons on hunger I’ve learned these past few weeks (read the diatribe I wrote on this topic yesterday, if you haven’t already), I was ready to get out and do some serious food ogling, especially since now I CAN EAT IT.

What is it about farmer’s markets that makes you want to eat—nay, revere—your vegetables? I swear, when I see bushel upon bushel of gorgeous, fresh, and organic produce grown lovingly by locals, I sort of want to stuff my bags with them (the vegetables, not the locals) and bring them happily home with me, where I could research recipes with which to prepare them deliciously, and then feel overall better about life since I just fed myself and my husband something that came out of the ground and not a can or a carton or a box.

But alas, buying loads of organic produce at the farmer’s market is not exactly cost conscious for those budget minded individuals such as ourselves, so sometimes I leave feeling a little down that the majority of my food purchases will have to come from the boring old regular grocery store, where I’m pretty sure I picked up that 3 Week Satan Virus because that place is crawling with harried mothers and kids that were probably just playing in their own feces. 

Anyway. Enjoy the lovely farmer’s market photos below, and definitely check to see if your own city has one, too! And then go there! :)


And here’s what I wound up taking home…

IMG_5583 IMG_5569

There’s definitely some toasted raisin walnut bread with butter and strawberry-rhubarb compote in my future, as well as fresh brown eggs, kale chips, and this panini recipe with arugula! YUM. (next jam by Confituras I’d like to try is the strawberry-vanilla bean flavor… can you say HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH?!)

Happy Monday everyone!

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