Friday, 11 May 2012

Open living - as it is

Thought I would take some photos of our open living as I haven't posted any since we acquired some hand-me-down furniture, such as the antique 3 seater, 2 armchairs, which are currently in our family room until we decide what to do with them. The round table we also acquired from MrB's mum will be painted white and will stay where it currently is in my photos below, in the meals area.

Our formal lounge we are currently using as a family room, as that's the only place that our current lounge configuration works in ...

Here I am standing in our future family room and what you see is meals, dining and then formal lounge (currently family) room:

Here, I am standing in our dining room and in front of us is our meals, kitchen and future family room (currently occupied by some hand-me-down furniture):

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