Friday, 4 May 2012

Weekend Reading

Happy Friday folks! Any fun plans for the weekend? I’d like to live vicariously through you, since I still don’t have a husband or a life again until next week.  I’m also still having stomach issues, but lab test results should be in today (fingers crossed), and I have actually seen some improvement in the past couple days. I’ll take what I can get, at this point!

Ok, enough about my digestive issues. Go read these people.

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House of Glass is a super fun blog by Ash, a girl who just bubbles over with zest for life. I was first introduced to her via her comments on my own blog, and she’s just one of those you can tell is way awesome in real life, you know? Love this girl.  Her and her husband live in SoCal and are super health conscious and stuff. (I write this as I eat an oatmeal raisin cookie for breakfast… which has oatmeal in it?). Also, they had a pretty dang awesome wedding. Go be her friend.


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The Next Chapter is a lifestyle blog by Lacey, who just happens to be gorgeous, Canadian, and getting married next week! I always think it’s fun to start reading a blog when such a monumental new beginning is just on the horizon. There are sure to be plenty of fun posts to come!  I enjoyed reading her 10 things I learned while planning my wedding post (I totally agree with all of these!), and while we’re at it, I also enjoyed her review on the Fifty Shades of Grey books. A novel with steamy sex scenes every other page? Why haven’t I read this yet?  Go say hi to Lacey!


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You Don’t Even Know… is a blog by the sweetest Miss Callie, a 20 something Wisconsin girl with a great man and extremely adorable animals.  What I love most about Callie is that she’s REAL, and you can tell that about her in her posts. I especially enjoyed her thoughts on cohabitating post and also this one on sleeping arrangements.  Very insightful/funny! :) Go make friends with the lovely Callie and her sweet little family!

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Happy Friday!

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