Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I ironed our staircase...

On Saturday, I ironed the staircase (to bring up the dents in the wood since we've had tradies with rocks in their shoes walking up and down for almost 6 months now) in preparation for sanding and undercoat. It was a hardly ever used Philips Azzur I bought a few years ago :( and it is now thrashed out and gross. MrB said he will try and polish it but I am affraid that it has been scratched by the sanding paper particles which got stuch in the cloth I was using in between the timber and iron... Time for an upgrade perhaps. A LauraStar ironing system sounds good... if only I ironed that is...

On the other hand however, the good thing that came out of this is that MrB has sanded the whole staircase, all the timber posts and handrail and has applied the first coat.... Two to three coats of laquer to go still but the worst part is now over. Yay!
My poor iron :(
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