Thursday, 10 May 2012

May Showers

I love stormy days. LOVE THEM. Maybe it’s because rain is scarce here in Texas, and when we do have thunderstorms, they tend to be in the middle of the night when you can’t really enjoy them so much… especially when your 55 lb pitbulls attempt to directly adhere themselves to your sleeping body, as if actually being on top of Mommy will protect them from the thunder.
(Ok, what am I saying here? I love that. Thunderstorm cuddles are the best.)
Point is, this week we’ve had some really excellent stormy days and nights, though they always leave me yearning for more. I think I’d be right at home in a place like Seattle. Rain, to me, always feels like release.
Plus I get to wear my red wellies. Winning all around.
Dress and clutch: c/o Kiki La’Rue, rainboots: Hunter (red here, more colors here), Necklace: Sora Designs, Bracelet: Madewell
I know. I am clear. (the stage that comes right after white.)  Also, that adorable dress I’m wearing above came courtesy of a new online shop called Kiki La’Rue, which is definitely worth checking out!  They have a great variety of adorable and affordable dress options (like this one and this one and this one!), as well as super cute tops and handbags.  I love to support smaller shops that are dedicated to quality and customer service, as this one clearly is. This dress is comfy and looks super cute paired with bright pops of color in a necklace or, in this case, red rain boots. :)
Be sure and check out Kiki La’Rue before spending more money on the same products at a department store!
Have a great Thursday…

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