Friday, 25 May 2012

Some cute for your Friday + Sponsor spotlight

Can I be that annoying dog parent for a minute and post a completely random and somewhat pointless video of my dog simply because she’s cute, and I sort of want to eat her face off? I can? Ok, great. Here’s Gracie, and a squirrel clucking in the background.

She got one once. It wasn’t pretty. Nay, it was a bloodbath. Straight up predators, those two.


On to more important things. Check out these two fab blogs and one awesome Etsy shop, and have a great Friday!

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Up first is the gorgeous Sando (cool name, right?) of the blog The Daily Deelight. The Daily Deelight is a blossoming lifestyle and food blog chock full of amazing recipes and peppered in with personality. I’ve yet to encounter a post I didn’t drool over… girlfriend has great taste, literally! Just go to her home page right now and look at the top three recipes that come up. I seriously might make all three for dinner tonight. Thanks, Sando! Get to now her more here, and get on board while the gettin’s good. This blog is a baby, but it’s going places. You mark my words!

Sando Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Next is another fab blog called Picture It and authored by the ridiculously sweet Amy, a wife, mom, and quintessential blogger. What I like about Amy is that she’s a dang good story teller, and she really lets her readers into her life. That’s my favorite thing about a blog—when I get to feel like we’re chatting over coffee, and I leave knowing something about you. You can get to know her a bit better in posts like this one, and she has a little welcome message for you here, so don’t miss it!


Blog | Twitter

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Next is the Etsy shop Marolsha, a loyal sponsor of SOML and quite possibly the cutest little shop on the block. There is something for everyone here, and all of Maddy’s pieces are fun, colorful, and whimsical. How cute is that little owl locket?! Reminds me of Hedwig. I want. Go browse!


  Shop | Facebook

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