Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Getting Ready for the Open House

After another frustrating round of "Pick a Paint" after work on Tuesday, I came home to a sight that warmed my heart: 


The giant island was a happy accident. Originally it was going to be 2 large sets of drawers. However, the electrician needed a regular cabinet on the end to install the electrical box for the outlet. I like symmetry, so I added one to each end. The result is 8 feet of drawer-filled cabnity, countery goodness!

Also fueling the  love is my beautiful Ikea farmhouse sink! I have loved this sink since I saw it on my very first trip to Ikea, and knew someday I would have it. And yes, I realize how abnormal it is to be this attached to a sink, but I really don't care. That is how much I love it! The carpenters did a great job with the installation, which I'm sure was a complete pain. It takes 2 people to move, and there's a lot of dry fitting to do with the installation, so our carpenters got a workout!  

When B called me at work to tell me the kitchen was coming together he said there was one thing wrong, but he didn't even think I would notice it. Before you look below, scroll up and see if you can tell what it is....

 .....Who did he think he was kidding? I noticed right away that the space for the fridge was very small. The cabinets for the top are the wrong size. A (shorter) friend came over last night to see everything and didn't even notice. I think I did because I'm tall and know where our fridge hits me now. Anyway, they're going to leave the cabinets up through the open house on Sunday then fix it.

In addition to the kitchen, the boys' closet doors are up, so I need to find some cute knobs.

 The windows are cased. I know my husband wanted the 2x6 construction for energy savings and strength, but I wanted it for the deep windowsills!

And even with all of this wonderful going on, I still have paint colors spinning in my head. I'm happy with the grey, but the blue is killing me. I've heard several friends' opinions, so I've narrowed it down. For better or for worse, by tomorrow I'm deciding!

If you're in the NW Ohio area and are interested in seeing our house, there's going to be an open house on Sunday from 1-4. See the WH website for details.

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