Tuesday, 8 May 2012


When the boys got home we walked down to see what had been done today. And I'm very pleased (and relieved) to tell you we are 3 for 3 with paint! WOOHOO!

Even though this is a lowly cell phone pic, it shows all three colors and that sharp white trim. I know this will shock you, but I LOVE IT! It's a great shade- blue with a touch of slate, so it's not too sweet.

As soon as I get batteries for my camera I'll take some better pics, including how the counter tops look against the blue.

The banister is done, and looks great.

One of the only rooms left to paint is the boys' bathroom, which will coordinate with their shower curtain. They wanted a camo bathroom, but I just couldn't do it. They then suggested hunting, which I also nixed. So we compromised with fishing. Cute fishing.
Besides being adorable, the shower curtain also works because I'm going to use that lime green in the laundry room, which is the other room left. I also think I'm going to paint the closets like this one. But no pink. Lime green. Awesome. Or blinding. Possibly both.

And don't tell B, but at some point he's going to come home and see a little something like this:


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