Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Trimming the House

At some point either Friday afternoon or over the weekend all of the trim materials were delivered. This includes the counter tops, baseboards, window trim, etc.
The doors. Obviously.

The underlayment (is that a real word?) for the flooring.

Baseboards, window trim & porch pillars
Kitchen counter tops

Bathroom counter tops

The painters came in Saturday to prime the walls. I've told you before that I have no interest in beige, and the standard colors WH offers didn't appeal to me. The plan was just that we would have everything painted white and I (along with some wonderful friends) would paint after the house was done. Kasey suggested that I talk with the painter about upgrading the paint directly with him and working out a deal. We did indeed work out a deal using 3 colors throughout the house. I'll paint the boys' bathroom and our mudroom myself, and they're handling the rest. More about paint in a bit.

The finish carpenters were there bright and early Monday morning- before I left for work around 7:30. When I got home I walked in and saw this:

We have cabinets!! Love the color! I picked based on a sample door at the WH office, so I'm glad they're this beautiful!

I'm a little concerned about the sink base working with my Ikea sink, but I'm certain the carpenters can handle it. All of the cabinets have a sliding tray instead of a shelf, so no more lost items in the back!

When I turned around I saw our stairs- love this, too! The railing will be stained to match the cabinets. Today also marks the end of the scooters in the house, as there are entirely too many things that can go wrong. Oh well, they'll always have the basement. (Okay- not true. They'll have the basement until we move in. Then too bad for them.)

Some of the doors and casings are up. Some of the window casing is up. The vanities are in the bathrooms. The carpenters were very busy today!

Now that I had cupboards and counter tops, I could make a decision about paint...

A long time ago I showed you the colors we were thinking about based on the Sherwin-Williams paint deck at the WH office. Unfortunately the painter uses a different brand. Now, one would think it would be easy to find comparable colors in another line. Not so. The grey wasn't bad. The blue? Impossible. I'm not exaggerating. After collecting hundreds of paint chips (also not an exaggeration) I had it narrowed down to 2. Samples in hand I painted my board. One was too dark, and one was too light. I liked the dark one a lot, but it looked a little purpley. (Little known fact- when you write a blog you can make up words!) In different light it looked blue. See what I mean??

So I still have no idea what to do. :::sigh:::

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