Friday, 18 May 2012

People to Stalk.

Here we are again, Friday. I’m not too happy to see you today, after such a nice week with that guy I’m married to. Monday he starts summer school and we’re back to the grind. Sad face.

But today, I still have him! And we’re still completing projects around the house, so I better go get to it. Enjoy these fabulous SOML sponsors while I work, will you?

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Up first is a blog called Living in Yellow by the adorable Erin, a wife, fur-mom, and lover of life.  This blog and its author are bubbling over with personality and positivity, and I think Erin is proof that your life doesn’t have to be crazy-exciting to have a good, entertaining blog (read more about that on her about page!).  I’ve enjoyed reading posts from her like this one about hosting a clothes drive, and of course her recent vacation recaps sure didn’t hurt, either!  Go make an awesome new friend.


Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Next is the stunningly gorgeous and inhumanely sweet miss Amanda of Marshalls Abroad.  Let me tell you, the moment I stepped virtual foot in this blog, I was smitten. I’ve told Amanda this before, but her little space is just such a breath of fresh air!  Her and her husband reside in Japan (Marines!), and oh the gorgeous photos and oh the love that these two emanate.  In the mood for another fabulous love story? Go ahead, indulge. These two are THE sweethearts of the blog world. You. will. love. them.   Promise.


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Third up to bat is Wanderluck by Lindsey, a Texas girl currently living in Valencia, Spain. You guys! You must go meet Lindsey! She is super funny and witty, gorgeous, and also happens to have some handsome New Zealander man-candy. And also happens to be vacationing in Venice right now. No. Fair. Oh, need proof that she’s funny? Read this post and her thoughts on working out. I pretty much agree on all counts. Go say hello!

Lindsey Blog | Twitter

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If you’ve considered sponsoring SOML, now is a great time to get on board! I have a handful of slots opening up in June, so shoot me an email if you’re interested. I love to help promote fabulous blogs and high-quality shops.

Happy weekend everyone! :)

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