Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fredericksburg, Day 2

Our second day in Fredericksburg was the most fun! We started out with a morning of antique shopping, which is pretty much my favorite thing (and Matthew doesn’t hate it either). I found lots of little treasures like a few old dresser trays and a couple glass jewelry boxes that I’m thrilled with. I decided a while back I wanted to display some of my favorite and most used skin products on a mirror/dresser tray on our bathroom vanity, but I hadn’t found the right one 'til now. It definitely helps you remember to use your products (such as all the little samples from Birchbox) when they’re right there under your nose while you’re washing your face. I’ve been noticing fine lines around my eyes, etc, lately (horrors!), so I’m trying to consistently use different anti-aging creams I’m trying out. I’ll let you know if any of them perform miracles. :)
But back to Fredericksburg. After antiquing in the morning, we tried out The Peach Tree restaurant, which was just the sweetest little tea room, and probably my favorite place we ate. I got a burger (one of the heartier items on the menu… what can I say… I love my red meat), and then we finished off lunch with a damn good chocolate chip walnut cookie and coffee. Check out that creamer cow. I want one!
IMG_7262-1IMG_7256-1IMG_7254-1IMG_7248-1storyboardtest010 IMG_7270-1 IMG_7278-1 creamer cow here
* * * * *
Next we did some exploring of the history around town, most notably the Pioneer Museum. This was great because I used to be obsessed with Pioneers as a child and, truth be told, I still kind of am. It was fascinating to explore the old buildings and houses they have on site there at the museum, most of which were built in the 1800’s! My favorite was the old school, complete with carved-on desks by decades of children long grown and likely passed on by now. It was haunting, really. If only the walls could talk in that place! I had fun pretending to be teacher. Don’t judge me.
IMG_7240-1IMG_7212-1IMG_7284-1 IMG_7285-1 IMG_7302-1IMG_7301-1You can’t see them well, but there’s a gun and ax in the picture above, hence the happy smile from Matthew.
* * * * *
We had dinner our last night and breakfast our last morning at Mahaley’s Cafe, which was seriously top notch and soooo yummy. I ordered the grilled chicken for dinner, and for breakfast we each had a (huge) taco and shared a perfectly gooey cinnamon roll. I didn’t take pictures of the breakfast except for one cinnamon roll shot on Instagram, but if you’re headed to Fredericksburg, definitely try Mahaley’s for any meal of the day. SO good!
IMG_7422-1IMG_7431-2Necklace by Megan :) I almost never take that thing off!
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