Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Playing Dress up

If you recall, last week I attended a little event for Radiant Cosmetics, a fabulous local company dedicated to ending the fight against human trafficking. Well, this week I decided to play dress up with some of my new Radiant products!  I felt sort of like a little girl who’d gotten into her mother’s makeup… it was fun. I’m not used to seeing myself in bold pink lipstick (or bold red gloss, for that matter), but I was actually feeling it. I think these two lipcolors might be my new favorites!  The pink was creamy and wonderful, and the red gloss (called “Rue,” which makes me think of Hunger Games,) smells good enough to eat. I also tried out a pretty mauve-ish eye shadow and a peachy blush… winners, all around!  Here are a few photos of all the shenanigans, with links to the products I used below.

storyboardtest001IMG_6403-2-1IMG_6405-1IMG_6377-1storyboardtest004IMG_6425-1IMG_6466-1IMG_6354-1-2 1 (rue) | 2 (utopia) | 3 (not quite terracotta) | 4 (peony)

Happy Wednesday!

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