Thursday, 10 May 2012

Let there be lights!

Disclaimer: It's late and I just finished painting the first coat in the laundry room. Am extremely tired, so this may not make much sense. You've been warned. =0)

The painters were supposed to be at the house M-W, but finished up T, so I wasn't expecting much of anything Wednesday. I figured I'd have plenty of time to paint the laundry room and possibly the boys' bathroom. Neither of those things happened. I got a call bright and early from B that the electricians were at the house and needed the light fixtures, which we had stashed in our garage, mudroom, and even in the back of one of our cars. There were a lot of boxes. So I made a mad dash to load them all up, drive them down, unload and explain what went where.

In the quest for under-cabinet lighting I had asked two different Menards employees what I should get. They told me different things, so I bought two complete sets of lighting. According to my electrician neither was correct, so off to Menards I went. Then Lowes, who actually had what I needed. By the time I got back in the afternoon the electricians had the fans and all of the lighting that I had ready installed. Whatever I don't have by Friday B can install. It pays to have a handy husband!

These are the island lights. I think I told you before that I found these at Lowes for $9. It was a ridiculous clearance deal. I have the coordinating chandelier ($14)  ready for the dinette when we figure out where we want it.

These are the outside lights. They're seeded glass. Not too traditional, but I really like them.

At some point the HVAC guys were there, because the AC was installed. We really need to figure out the drainage from the dehumidifier.

It's obviously working.

I really want to find a way to use the water for our(future) garden. Maybe run a hose to a rain barrel? Need to investigate. If you have any ideas I'd like to hear them!

Tomorrow the electricians are back to finish things up and the closet guy is coming to install the shelves. And I'll also show you the laundry, which is now Lime Sorbet. Bet you can't wait!

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