Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Family Photos

I’ve been doing a little work to expand my portfolio lately and, of course, simply to practice and get this photography thing down. I was always the kid in school who quit every sport she ever played since I wasn’t an instant star, but I refuse to allow that “I-have-to-immediately-be-the-best” mentality get the better of me on this one, even though I know my work is still in the gap.  I’ve been brainstorming business names and studying up on editing techniques.  I’m definitely undecided on the final direction of my editing style, but I’m sure most photographers would probably tell you that their work evolved plenty over time.  Right now I’m really feeling a creamy, sort of vintage feel to photos, but I am concerned that style could be just a passing phase mostly exclusive to bloggers. Thoughts?  I’d love your input and advice, if anyone has some!

Below is a family session I shot last week. Celine and her husband just bought a fan-freakin’-tastic house here in Austin, so we celebrated with some fun pictures of them and their family from out of town. One thing I DO know is that I love to capture moments. Photos that tell a story are my favorites!

Hope you enjoy these…

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