Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Today was all about the flooring. So far so good!

When we picked it I was a little concerned it might be too dark, but I think it looks really good so far. The house really does get quite a bit of natural light, which helps. Okay, the pic on the right isn't light, but it was also with no flash.

We carried it all through the hallways, but went for a lighter look in the boys' bathroom. To be honest I have no idea what we picked for our bathroom or the laundry. I'm guessing that one's kind of dark to help hide whatever the boys drag in. Hopefully we'll find out tomorrow!

In other news,no closets yet. But I finally got through to the septic installer! He was a day away from being replaced. They're supposed to be here either Friday or Monday. In theory the septic system will be in by the end of next week. Here's hoping!

I also wanted to talk about the pantry. Yes, it is hinged on the left side, so the door swings toward the kitchen instead of away, which would make more sense. I figured it was one of those things we overlooked during the planning, and it wouldn't be that big a deal. If it drove me crazy I'd just have B change it. He would be thrilled.

Anyway, I looked at our blueprints, and it shows door opening the correct way. So I texted Kasey, who said he'd look into it and get back to me. He checked the blueprints we signed off on, which were different than the prints we had. All I can figure is that when the final prints were drawn up that was switched. We did flip the floor plan, so I see how it could happen. When we did the final approval we missed it. But Kasey is going to fix it, even though we signed off on it. This is just another example of the outstanding customer service we've had with WH.

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