Friday, 11 May 2012

Happy FRiday!

I’m going to be busy today. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll be getting ready for my husband’s arrival home after his last final of his first year of law school. There will cleaning, grocery shopping, self-grooming, dog-grooming, and baking of a cake (which has legitimate potential to be a disaster…stay tuned).

In other words, I’m getting ready for a weekend of celebrating and enjoying the company of my husband, whom I have seen very little of lately.  There will likely be consumption of alcoholic beverages. There will likely be over indulgence in aforementioned cake. There will likely be making out (etc). Or maybe we’ll both just pass out by 9:30 (more likely). 

So since I must go get on with it, please check out the lovelies below. They will entertain you if things are quiet around here this weekend, I promise. 

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Love is the Adventure is a blog my my dear friend Elizabeth, and when I say “my dear friend Elizabeth,” I mean that quite literally. Elizabeth and I have known each other since childhood—we were best friends when our families lived in Germany, which also happened to coincide with each of our most ghastly awkward phases.  See proof below. So yes, Elizabeth and I… we go way back.  And reconnecting with her via social media has been an absolute joy.  This girl and her blog are fabulous! Intelligent, wise, funny, and an excellent writer. I dare you to read chapter one of her and her husband’s love story. I promise you will then immediately read the rest, or at least bookmark it for later, and of course love Elizabeth from then on, period.   Me too. :)

JenniandElizabethMe and Elizabeth, circa, oh... 1996, maybe? Yes, those are AWANA uniforms. Yes, those are awesome glasses and headbands.

And Elizabeth now…


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Next we have The Life of the Wife, a blog by a certain gorgeous redhead named Jenna.  I have absolutely loved watching Jenna’s blog grow over the past months!  She writes about life with her cute husband and adorable little one, and also throws in plenty about food, fashion, and beauty.  Her girl behind the blog linkup has been a big success, so definitely check that out!  You will love this girl.


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Next is the wonderful and sweet Renee from This Won’t Hurt A Bit.  Renee is about to uproot her southern life and move to California for a nursing job, so there are definitely some fun adventures ahead for this blog!  Renee writes about life, fashion, and faith, and I love that you really get a taste of her personality through her posts.  Read more about why she became a nurse here, or get to know all about her here! Enjoy!


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And last but not least, I’d like to remind you one more time about Radiant Cosmetics! I am all about companies for a cause, and this one is no exception.  Not only are the cosmetics amazing and really great quality/trendy colors, but 20% of the proceeds from all sales go towards the fight against human trafficking.  Nicole has a wonderful story here, and in case you missed it, I posted about a Radiant event here and modeled Radiant products here.  You’re going to buy cosmetics anyway—might as well buy excellent quality ones that help support a great cause!

radiant eyes slide

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Happy Friday!

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