Sunday, 6 May 2012

Weekend/Open House

What a busy weekend! We had a First Communion celebration most of the day yesterday, so didn't get to the house until 3:30 or so. There was a truck in the driveway, and I was shocked that the painters were still there. Well, it wasn't the painters. It was someone who thought the open house was Saturday, not Sunday. Since I was there anyway I walked him through the house and we chatted for quite a while.

While we were looking around I noticed the painters had painted the boys' rooms and the hallway. It looks great, and I'm very pleased with the color. Here's a sneak peek:

And yes, it's beige. However, M wants a camouflage room like this (he's getting one wall):

and J wants a hunting/fishing theme room, so beige is a good jumping off point for both of these.

All of the doors were put back up and more of the trim is done. The stairs are completely taped off, ready for staining. The paint for the LR and DR is in the basement, ready to go. According to Kasey the painters will be done by Wednesday!

The open house was scheduled today from 1 - 4. Around noon M and I were in town and I called B to see if he needed anything. I asked where J was, and he said he was at the new house because people were already there! Apparently J was quite the little tour guide. M and I got home around 12:15, and I stuck around to talk to people until Kim got there. After she did I stayed to answer any questions. J enjoyed keeping a running total of how many cars came, and was thrilled that "we won." Kim said we had a great turnout, so I hope it was helpful for the people who came.

(I was amazed at how many people have read this blog! So thank you guys for coming and all the very nice things you said!)

There was a comment last week asking what we got out of letting WH have an open house. Simply put- nothing. However, when we were looking at different models, I really appreciated being able to go through the physical space and seeing things for myself. I never talked with any homeowners while we were looking, but I would have appreciated that, too. By detailing this process on here and putting it all out there, I'm paying it forward to those who are in the same position we were.

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