Monday, 14 May 2012

What colour to paint the front door frame, step and lintel?

We've decided to paint the front doors in black gloss on both outside and in. But, now the question is ... what colour should we paint the door frame, lintel above the door and timber step?
  • All black to match the door
  • All white (Whisper White) to match the internal doors/skirts/arches
  • All cream (White Birch) to match the window frames
  • Lacquered step and black/white/cream lintel and frame.
The front doors face North but don't get a lot of light as we've got a decent sized portico...

My main concerns are to do with the step:
  • Black step - will show dust and scratches
  • White step - will get very dirty very quickly
  • Lacquered step - where it meets painted frame it will look... strange

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